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All-Star Cup

15th Annual Herndon All-Star Cup

All-Star Cup in Herndon Fall 2016

Registration is now closed. A list of the participating teams is posted under accepted teams and by the end of October we will email to each of the club contacts some information they can pass along to their teams. We are in the process of working on the schedules now and it is unlikely that we would or could add any additional teams but please contact Jody Rametta at if you want to check or be added to the wait list.

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Please Visit Our Sponsors!

Please visit our sponsors.  Without them, our tournament could not be the success that it is.

Coaches Information

This year we are giving coaches 3 options for checking- in their teams.
1. Online check- in will be available (for coaches who have everything completed) from November 4th until November 11th at 6pm. In order to take part in online check- in there can be nothing incomplete or missing from the required items (see below) or the entire packet will be rejected. Items will be submitted via PDF. Details and a link to begin online check in will be posted the first week in November.
2. Pre-Tournament check in will be Wednesday November 16th from 7:00-9:30pm at the Hiddenbrook Swim and Tennis Clubhouse located at 1508 A Sadlers Wells Drive Herndon VA 20170. You may check-in multiple teams and any club/team representative may handle the teams’ check in. If you check in on Wednesday night, you may proceed directly to your designated field on Saturday morning. 
3. For those who do not check- in online or on Wednesday night you must check in at the Site Coordinators Tent at your site Saturday morning at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your first game. At large sites this can get very crowded, so plan to come plenty early. We strongly encourage checking-in in advance to save you the hassle on Saturday morning.

Items you need for tournament check-in

These items are mandatory no matter what form of check-in you use.
1. US Youth Soccer player passes signed by your club representative. Player passes DO NOT need to be signed by the player. They do not need a picture. NOTE: many of the new version of VYSA issued rec passes do not have the line on the back for the club signature but this is still required by the State so just sign where there is space on the back as always.  
2. Medical release forms signed by a parent/guardian or by the player if the player is 18 years of age. (You may use your club medical forms or we have two varieties on the web site)
3. Two copies of the team roster signed by your club representative and containing contact information (cell phone/home phone numbers) for coaches. (You may use your club roster but it must contain all of the information required on the tournament roster.)  
Please make sure the roster lists the player’s jersey number, these are required.
  • You must know the field location you are playing at before registering
  • If items are assembled in the same order (alphabetical or by player jersey number) it will speed the check-in process.

Information for the Tournament

Please make sure you pick up your coach’s gift at check-in. If you are a U8 Coach, also make sure you pick up your players’ participation awards. Those who have checked in online can pick their items up at the site coordinators tent at their site on Saturday morning.
There is no on-field warm-up between games.  Teams will take the field ready to play.  
The home team provides the ball.  The home team is designated first on the schedule. 
You will be issued a game card at team check-in ( or pick up at the site coordinators tent if you checked- in online)  The game card must be returned by the winning team (both teams in case of a tie) to the site coordinator’s tent within 1 hour of game completion.  As the game card must be signed by the referee, it is recommended that you assign a parent the task of completing the game card and getting it signed and returned to the site coordinator’s tent. Make sure the game card is completed properly and has your team name and your opponent’s name listed as they are listed on the tournament schedule.
Please refer to our web site for game schedules, medical release forms, roster forms, field directions and other important information.

By popular request, we will discontinue patch exchange for our older players but in U8-U12 teams are encouraged to bring trading patches to be exchanged with the opposing team players at the end of the game.

We look forward to seeing you on the field!                                                                                     

Jody Rametta

HYS Administrator/ Tournament Director

Please Visit Our Sponsors!

Please visit our sponsors.  Without them, our tournament could not be the success that it is.