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All-Star Cup

15th Annual Herndon All-Star Cup

All-Star Cup in Herndon Fall 2017

NOVEMBER 18-19, 2017
As always information packets and forms will be emailed out to all club contacts in late August, but in the meantime take note of some changes we will have to make for the tournament due to the Player Development Initiatives mandated by US Soccer for fall 2017. It is certainly not our choice to do this but we must follow the mandated part of the new rules per VYSA in order for the tournament to be sanctioned.

For the U8:

  • We have always used 6 x 12 goals but will need to use 4 x 6 Bow net variety.
  • We will play 4 v 4 instead of 5 v 5;on a  slightly smaller field than what we have used.
  • Due to the above, maximum allowable kids on a U8 team will be reduced to 8.

For the U9/10:

  • A build out line will be used ( explanation and definition can be found in the US Soccer Player Development Initiatives)
  • Goalies will not be allowed to punt or drop kick the ball

For the U11/12:

  • Number of players will change from 8 v 8 to 9 v 9. Max on a team will remain 16.

We look forward to seeing everyone in November.