Goalkeeper Training Clinic


The Goalkeeper Training Clinic, led by HYS Coach Andres Contreras, targets development by age groups:

  • For U10-U12, goalkeepers train in activities that develop the basic fundamentals needed to understand the position. The curriculum focuses on fitness and footwork, positioning, ball handling, diving techniques, shot stopping, distribution with hands & feet, and an introduction to set pieces.
  • For U13-U15, goalkeepers engage in a more advanced form of training reinforcing fitness and footwork, positioning, ball handling, diving techniques, and shot stopping. The currciulum will emphasize more crosses, distribution with hands and feet, communication, wall placement, and  positioning on free kicks and corner kicks.

The program consists of 8 training session, 1-hour in duration, with intense curriculum adapted according to the group:

  • Session 1:  Full dynamic warm-up, progressions, skills evaluation, fitness and footwork, ball handling  
  • Session 2:  Full dynamic warm-up, progressions, footwork and fitness, ball handling, diving and throwing techniques 
  • Session 3: Full dynamic warm-up, progressions, fitness, cutting angles, diving, shot stopping, 1v1 breakaways, introduction to crossing and distribution with hands & feet  
  • Session 4:  Full dynamic warm-up, progressions, fitness, diving, cutting angles on 1v1 breakaways, crossing, distribution with hands and feed, introduction to free kicks and wall placement 
  • Session 5 and 6:  Full dynamic warm-up, crossing, distribution, free kicks and wall placement, and corner kicks
  • Session 7 and 8: Full dynamic warm-up, free kicks and wall placement, corner kicks and games.

About Herndon Youth Soccer Coach Andres Contreras
Coach Andres holds a GK juvenile “C”  license from FCF (Federation Colombiana de Fútbol) CONMEBOL. Since 2010, he has worked with and learned from professional goalkeepers, coaches and trainers from both the Brazilian and Italian schools. His diverse experiences and education have helped shape his coaching methodology--influenced by some of the greatest goalkeeping schools in the world.