Herndon Clinics

Herndon holds several clinics over the seasonal year, serving both travel players seeking additional skill specific training throughout the year and recreational players seeking development over the winter with Herndon professional technical staff.

For travel players, the club offers the following:

  • Striker Clinics: Builds the self confidence, technical skills and decision making needed to be a great goal scorer. Players in this program will be given opportunities to improve their composure in front of the goal as well as increase the speed and accuracy of their shot while being challenged in an intense environment. Players will be taught a variety of shooting and finishing techniques and how to think with an attacking mindset across the field.
  • Performance Training : Stimulates and builds progressively the player's physical capacities with methodology according to their age and physical development. Sessions involve the development of balance, strength, coordination, quickness, speed, agility, cardiorespiratory endurance and flexibility and include ball work. The training environment allows players to further their athletic potential and help improve their confidence and performance on the soccer field.
  • Goalkeeper Training: Goalkeepers will develop their technical and tactical skills in an environment that pushes their physical capacities that the position demands. For U10-U12, goalkeepers will develop the basic fundamentals to understand the position, including fitness and footwork, positioning, ball handling, diving technique, shot stopping, distribution, and an intro to set pieces. For U13-U15, goalkeepers will receive a more advanced form of training on the above fundamentals, and focus on crosses, distribution, communication, wall placement and positioning on set pieces.

For recreational players, the club offers:

  • Winter Rec Clinics: Players develop technical skills and tactical knowledge in a nurturing environment that is fun, yet challenging. Sessions are designed to give players hundreds of individual touches on the ball to gain greater confidence and proficiency, and the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of when/how to apply the skills in small-sided games. Clinics are led by HYS professional staff and offered according to age group.