Speed, Agility and Quickness Clinic


The Speed, Agility and Quickness training clinic offers youth travel soccer players supplemental training to push their athletic potential, correlating to improved confidence and performance on the soccer field. Led by HYS Coach Andres Miloc, the sessions are performed through a circuit-training method and adapted according to the age of each group and developmental stage. Players are trained to develop and improve in the following physical capacities:  

  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • Quickness
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Cardiorespiratory Endurance
  • Flexibility  

The program includes 7 training sessions, 50 minutes in duration, with each session consisting of three phases:  

Phase 1: Warm-Up 

  • Full Body Activation

Phase 2: Circuit Training

  • Bodyweight
  • Sports performance 
  • Functional movement 

Phase 3: Cool Down

  • Recovery runs - Streching 

About Herndon Youth Soccer Coach Andres Miloc  
Coach Andres holds a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science from the U.D.C.A (Universidad  de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales), an accredited university in his home town of Bogota, Colombia. He is a Certificated Youth Exercise Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Coach Andres is currently pursuing his USSF C license and holds several diplomas and certificates from both Colombia and the U.S.