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This year, the Dulles National Soccer Tournament is creating player profile books through CaptainU. It is completely free and these player profile books will be available to college coaches nationwide.

If you have a CaptainU team account already, go to to login, click on “Events” at the top of the page, and add this year’s tournament so your roster is linked to the player book.

If you do not have a team account yet, go to to add your team roster to the player profile book.

And don’t worry if your roster isn’t finalized, you can easily make changes easily anytime. So get your team set up ahead of time and edit your roster once it is finalized.

What does this mean?

Once your roster is added to the player book, your players will receive an invite to create a free profile. Through that, they can connect with college coaches that might be attending the tournament, learn more about the recruiting process, or just start to gather information and track their tournaments and games.

The sooner you set up your roster, the more time your athletes will have to use these tools so they do not have to worry about this the day before the tournament. If your team is missing from the player book, I will send you a few reminders! If you get these reminders but you think your team is set up, double check your Events page for the correct tournament. If that’s right, email

Any questions you send to our helpdesk will be answered within 24 hours.

Jamie Lahey


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