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Field Usage Policy

Teams are required to check the hotline/website daily for field closures.

  • The coach or one designated person per team should call the hotline. We do not want the hotline tied up by every team member calling.

  • When Fairfax County closes all fields in our area that they control, it is HYS policy to close all Herndon fields. This includes fields controlled by the Town of Herndon (community center and Haley Smith), school fields and parks and recreation fields. It does not matter that the county “technically” does not have jurisdiction over every HYS field. If conditions warrant an area wide field closure, then all fields will be closed.

  • On occasion it will be necessary to close only certain fields, either by order from Fairfax County or because the Administrator has determined them unplayable.

  • Field closure means not just the marked out, lined field space but all grass areas at a location.

Teams violating the field closure policy will be sanctioned.

  • House league 1st violation will result in loss of practice on next scheduled practice date. 2nd violation will result in loss of practice for one week.

  • Travel league 1st violation will result in one week of lost practice space. 2nd violation will result in the team being bumped to the end when picking the next season’s practice space.

  • Because it is a serious matter for a team to be caught violating this policy, teams will not be sanctioned on “hearsay” or just because someone simply reports it. Reported violations will be investigated first, before any sanctions are imposed.

  • Teams and clubs are subject to fines from the county if county field monitors catch teams practicing on closed fields. HYS also reserves the right to impose fines on teams for repeated violations.