**FULL** Session 4: U9-U10 Footskills for Rec Players (boys and girls 2008 and 2009)

Players will work mainly on individual footskills to develop their comfort and confidence on the ball, learning various techniques to control and manipulate the ball for greater possession.
Tuesday evenings 6:30-7:30pm at the Herndon Community Center
Starts 1/9/18 and ends 2/27/18 with makeup date 3/6/18


Session 5: U9-U10 GIRLS. Fundamental Footskills. Travel and current all-star players. (girls born in 2008-2009)

Focusing on the development of each players comfort and ability with the ball. Establishing these skills at this age is crucial for long term development, and this curriculum allows players to get many touches on the ball in a variety of playing situations.
Monday evenings 5-6pm at Cassels.
Starts 1/8/18 and ends 2/26/18 with makeup date 3/5/18


Session 6: U9-10 BOYS Futsal for travel and current All-Star players (boys born in 2008 and 2009)

Players will train with futsal balls for greater skill development. The futsal ball is a smaller, heavier ball used on the indoor surface and requires players to focus on the proper technique to strike or handle the ball. Players will also play small-sided futsal games with lined boundaries—the smaller space and fast surface demands players to have a more refined touch, greater accuracy in passing and make quicker decisions.
Thursday evenings from 5-6pm at Cassels.
Starts 1/4/18 and ends 2/22/18 with makeup date 3/1/18