Session 7: U11-U12 Footskills for Rec Players (boys and girls born in 2006 and 2007)

Players will work mainly on individual footskills to develop their comfort and confidence on the ball, learning various techniques to control and manipulate the ball for greater possession.
Thursday evening 6:30-7:30 at the Herndon Community Center
Starts 1/11/18 and ends 3/1/18 (no makeup date due to Community Center schedule)


Session 8: UPDATED U11-13 GIRLS Player Development. Travel and all-star players only (girls born in 2005-2007)

Combining numerous skill-building activities that develop the players touch along with activities to enhance their awareness and decision making. Making game related decisions while improving a player’s touch and quickness with the ball.

NOTE: this sessions and session 10 will be run together with players divided by coaches so U11-U13g can sign up for either one.

Tuesday evenings 5-6pm at Cassels.
Starts 1/9/18 and ends 2/27/18 with makeup date 3/6/18


**Added new age group** Session 9: U11-U14 BOYS Advanced Play and Futsal for Travel and current All-star players only (boys born in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007)

This training is for the more advanced player who understands the fundamentals and is interested in refining their technique and tactical understanding of the game with similar-level players.
Wednesday evenings from 5-6pm at Cassels.
Starts 1/3/18 and ends 2/21/18 with makeup date 2/28/18


Session 10: U12-U13 GIRLS. Elite Player Development. Travel advanced A team U12 and U13 players only. (girls born in 2005-2006)

For players at the highest level, this session adds defensive pressure to the ball to improve their speed of thought and play while continuing to work on ball mastery. Game like and game related situations to nurture a player’s ability to make the best decisions. 
Tuesday evenings 5-6pm at Cassels.
Starts 1/9/18 and ends 2/27/18 with makeup date 3/6/18