September 27 - Player of the Week



TEAM: 2011 Girls FC Black
COACH: Nina Duron

POSITION: Center mid

LEAGUE: CCL Regional

How long have you been playing soccer?: 5 yrs

What were your first soccer experiences?: Learning the foundations of how to play

Who is your favorite team?: USA Womens Soccer Team

Who is your favorite player?: Alex Morgan

What are you long-term goals as a soccer player?: Score at least 30 goals

Do you have any siblings that play soccer? What are their names and ages?: 2, twin brother who are 11 and 6 years old 

What is your favorite part of the game?: Aggressiveness

What is your most memorable moment in soccer?: Scoring 1st goal

What school do you go to?: Academy of Christian Education

What is your favorite subject in school?: Math

What is your favorite restaurant?: Sugar Factory

What is your favorite place to visit?: Caribbean

Do you play other sports do you play?: Swimming