Frequently Asked Questions


What are the ages that HYS serves? 
HYS programs start at 4 years old with our U5 MicroKicks program.  Our Recreational program starts at 5 years old (U6) and ends at 18-19 years old (U19).  Our Travel Soccer Program starts at 8 years old (U9) and ends at 18-19 years old (U19).  We also have a U23 Men’s and Women’s team participating in CCL Pro23.  

What is the cost of the Recreational season?
REC Soccer is $140 per season.  Financial aid is available to qualified participants.  One of the following documents is needed for scholarship players: (1) current Proof of Eligibility for Free or Reduced Lunch Program (copy of current lunch letter); OR (2) a copy of Medicaid Card; OR (3) a Copy of 2019 Federal Tax 1040 forms (first page only) with ALL W-2s and 1099s filed by ALL members of the household.

What is the cost of the Travel Soccer?
The cost of participation on a Travel Soccer team varies by team, depending on the league, and number of tournaments, events, etc. the team plays in.  The cost usually ranges between $1600-$2400 (not including hotel stay, food, or uniforms).  

What are the main differences between Recreational and Travel?
Recreational Soccer is designed for players who are just learning the game, as well as those who prefer a less competitive environment focused on fun and development.  It is volunteer-driven, led by parent coaches and volunteer Age Group Commissioners, who generously offer their time in service of our kids and soccer community.  

Travel Soccer is geared toward players who have a desire to develop their abilities in order to play at the highest competitive level possible, including those whose goal is to play for their high schools, colleges, and at the professional level.   

What is the deadline to register for Recreational Soccer?
On-time registration ends February 15th for the Spring Season. 

What are the deadlines to register for Travel Soccer?
Travel Soccer tryouts are in May and June in a typical year.  However we do offer open enrollment throughout the year for prospective players to have an informal assessment during a Travel team’s normal practice.  

How do I get my child on a Travel Soccer Team?
If you are interested in having your child tryout for one of our travel teams, please register for tryouts if applicable or by emailing the coach and/or manager of your child’s age group, as well as our Technical Director, Nick Arzani. 

What are the Recreational Soccer seasons?
The main REC Soccer seasons are Fall and Spring.  However, we do offer programming during the winter and summer.  Please look here for additional program offerings.  

What are the Travel Soccer seasons?
Travel Soccer is a year long commitment.  The main seasons are Fall and Spring, with training and developmental match play during the winter and summer.  We follow a 10-month season.  Beginning mid-August and ending mid-June.  

How are players placed on Travel teams?
The main assessment period is during Formal Tryouts in May and June.  However, players are assessed year-round in order to ensure each player is training and playing at the level that is optimal to their development in each moment.  

What are the different travel leagues HYS participates in?
Club Champions League (CCL)
National Capital Soccer League (NCSL)

How much travel is in Travel Soccer?
In the younger age groups (U9-U12), our goal is to provide appropriate-level competition at the least cost and distance possible.  Typically our younger travel teams will remain within the DC-Maryland-Virginia region for league and tournament play.  Games can be on either Saturday or Sunday.