U4/U5 Microkicks Program

U5 Microkicks Program


The U4-U6 Microkicks Program introduces the fundamentals of soccer through creative activities engaging the child’s imagination while teaching ball control. The program is led by a professional coach with US Youth Soccer licensing and education specific to the cognitive, social and physical development of 3-5 year olds. The program is separated by two age groups: U4/5 and U6.

The format of the program is broken into 2 sessions each week--a practice day and a game day for both the U4/5 and U6 age groups:  

  • During the week, a practice is led by a professional coach that brings together all players and volunteer coaches and offers the opportunity to learn individual ball control through several fun and creative activities. Each player has a ball to gain comfort dribbling with various surfaces of their feet emphasizing change of direction and speed. Techniques such as shooting and shielding are also introduced. The coach encourages players’ participation through imaginative games where children are pirates, cars, animals, cartoons, etc., as they learn to move with the ball. The end of the training allows players to scrimmage in mini games.
  • On Saturdays, games are held in the 3v3 format for U4/U5 age group and 4v4 for the U6 age group. Players are rostered to a team of 6 players for U4/5 age group, and a team of 8 players for the U6 age group for the duration of the season. Games are facilitated by each team's parent volunteer coach, while the professional coach oversees game day management. Small-sided games are played with modified rules that maximize opportunities for each player to touch the ball and solve problems that the game of soccer itself presents. 

The goal of our Microkicks Program is to familiarize soccer in a fun way that relates to the child, while encouraging independence and social skills in both a large and small-group setting. Parents are encouraged to support their child from the sidelines, and not coach with instructions. The program aims to inspire a love of soccer while building intelligent players who can independently problem solve as they continue to grow and develop playing the game. In addition, the parent volunteers are guided by our professional coach to gain experience, building a foundation for coaching that they can continue developing as their child ages. 

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  Each child will need to have a size 3 ball, soccer "cleats" (or athletic shoes), and shinguards. T-shirts (different color for each team) and socks are provided as part of the registration fee.


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The U4/U5 Microkicks is offered in the spring and fall as part of our Recreational Program registration. Your child will automatically be placed in this program when you enter their birth year in online registration.