February 7 - Player of the Week

Cole Kirkhart

TEAM – Winter World Cup, Brazil
COACH - Jill Kirkhart 
POSITION - Defender

Herndon U13 Boys Atletico Black

How long have you been playing soccer?:
Since I was 5.

What were your first soccer experiences?: Playing on my house league team (The Green Frogs)

Who is your favorite team?: Liverpool FC

Who is your favorite player?: Sergio Ramos

What are your long-term goals as a soccer player?: Play at the college level

Do you have any siblings that play soccer?  What are their names and ages?: Case is 13. Connor is 7.

What is your favorite part of the game?: Making strong, clean defensive plays

What is your most memorable moment in soccer?: Playing on the pitch at the new DC United stadium

What school do you go to?: Langston Hughes Middle School

What is your favorite subject in school?: History

What is your favorite restaurant?: Sakuras 

What is your favorite place to visit?: New York

Do you play other sports do you play?:  Basketball and swimming. And golf.