September 13 - Player of the Week


Harlyn Wiesner - age 8

How many years have you been playing soccer?:  
I don't know.. I can't remember. I don't count my years. 

What were your first soccer experiences?: 
Watching my big brother at his games and then deciding that I wanted to play like him. 

Who is your favorite team?:   
I kinda have my 2 favorite teams. My new Herndon team with all the new friends I am making and a house team from a few years ago where all my classmates were there and we were called the Golden Foxes. 

Who is your favorite player?:  
Me, Myself and I.

What are your long terms soccer goals?:  
To score a lot and to learn what all the rules are, like off-sides, positions (defenders/mid-field do's and don'ts)

Do you have siblings that play soccer soccer?: 
Yes - my whole family loves soccer. My big sister used to play - she is  now14 and my dad used to coach her. My brothers play soccer now. One of my brothers, Landon, plays for U11 Herndon Red. He loves it.  My other brother Kaz plays in the Friendship league U13. 

What is your favorite part of the game?:  
Scoring, game breakaways and celebrating with my team.

Most memorable moment in soccer?:   
Sliding on my knees together with my team mates when we scored big. 

What school do you go to?:  
3rd grade at Oak Hill Elementary School

Favorite subject in school?: 

Favorite restaurant?: 
Tony's Pizza at Fair Lakes 

Favorite place to visit?: 
Florida - don't like the drive but I like being there.  My grandma lives there. There is a beach there. And it's just a nice place. 

Do you play other sports?:   
Yes, I do. Right now I am focusing on soccer but I also play hockey, do gymnastics, and swim for Franklin Farm Froggers in the Summer.